INK Painting

Discover the art of INK Sonntag-Ramirez Ponce, a new, intensive form of drawing and learn more about the artist INK.


Imposing Paintings

„A picture paints a thousand words“ – Feel free to convince yourself if this saying is true and browse through a selection of some of the works realized by INK.


INK – Living Art

The unique quality inherent to the art of INK is endorsed by numerable awards, plentiful prospering projects and many exceptional exhibitions. Learn more.


INK intermedia

The art of INK was featured in the media and displayed in assorted styles of literature. Learn about intriguing and interdisciplinary projects.


From Jossgrund to the world

Impressions from the world's largest biennial for art with paper in Tuscany Lucca Biennale 11' Cartasia An impressive exhibition, which runs through a whole city and is really worth a trip: the Biennale in Lucca/Tuscany,…

Harmony and Dissonance

The Frankfurter Künstlergesellschaft as a guest at the Museum Brüder Grimm-Haus Exhibition Opening: Sunday, 04 September 2022 Due to the pandemic, there will be a vernissage in the courtyard of the museum at 11 a.m.,…

Biennale – White page

world's largest biennial for art with paper in Lucca/Tuscany Lucca Biennale 11' Cartasia Opening Ceremony and Preview: 30 July 2022, 19:00 for invited guests Auditorium San Romano, Piazza San Romano, in the historic centre…