INK Painting

Discover the art of INK Sonntag-Ramirez Ponce, a new, intensive form of drawing and learn more about the artist INK.


Imposing Paintings

„A picture paints a thousand words“ – Feel free to convince yourself if this saying is true and browse through a selection of some of the works realized by INK.


INK – Living Art

The unique quality inherent to the art of INK is endorsed by numerable awards, plentiful prospering projects and many exceptional exhibitions. Learn more.


INK intermedia

The art of INK was featured in the media and displayed in assorted styles of literature. Learn about intriguing and interdisciplinary projects.


Another day in paradise

Without masks

International Art Award of the Cultural Foundation of the Sparkasse Karlsruhe Vernissage: Wednesday, 17th May, 2023, 19:00. Host: The Cultural Foundation of the Sparkasse Karlsruhe Venue: Sparkasse Customer Center…

The small format

With the guest the Frankfurter Künstlergesellschaft (Artists' Society) Vernissage: Saturday, 27th May 2023, 17:00. Host: Kunstfreunde Bergstraße e.V. Venue: Damenbau Staatspark Fürstenlager climatic health resort 64625…


An indicator for crisis or a survival instinct? Focus exhibition with international cast Curators: Christiane Erdmann and Stefanie Blumenbecker Host and venue: Künstlerverein Walkmühle e.V. Walkmühle 1 / Bornhofenweg…