INK Painting

Discover the art of INK Sonntag-Ramirez Ponce, a new, intensive form of drawing and learn more about the artist INK.


Imposing Paintings

„A picture paints a thousand words“ – Feel free to convince yourself if this saying is true and browse through a selection of some of the works realized by INK.


INK – Living Art

The unique quality inherent to the art of INK is endorsed by numerable awards, plentiful prospering projects and many exceptional exhibitions. Learn more.


INK intermedia

The art of INK was featured in the media and displayed in assorted styles of literature. Learn about intriguing and interdisciplinary projects.


Art in the Spessart Region

A report about INK’s small paradise in the Spessart region is included in the latest Spessart-Magazin... ...and can be found on pages 44 to 47 and in addition, the print version comes with a removable postcard on page…
Pure Nature!


A joint exhibition by members of the Hanau cultural association until April 27, 2021 In an online exhibition about racism, artists deal with the topic of racism in very different ways following the attack in Hanau. A 3D…

Window Pictures

International Art Award of the Cultural Foundation of the Sparkasse Karlsruhe INK was particularly pleased that her first object created this year, entirely in color, on wood and with a completely unfamiliar sujet, a…