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Impressions from the world’s largest biennial for art with paper in Tuscany
Lucca Biennale 11′ Cartasia

An impressive exhibition, which runs through a whole city and is really worth a trip: the Biennale in Lucca/Tuscany, which is completely dedicated to art with the medium paper. My works find themselves between artworks of artists from Brazil to China. Each work is impressive in itself. None even closely compares to another work, another technique. The only thing they have in common is that they are all made of paper and they all deal with the theme of a “white page” – a white sheet of paper.

My works are exhibited in the Palazzo Ducale, formerly the palace of Napoleon’s sister Elisa, remodeled by Maria Luisa de Borbón, Duchess of Lucca. They are displayed on marble tables, since the requirements of the preservation of historical monuments did not allow to fix the heavy works to the wall. They are installed in a room with ceiling frescoes and blue brocade wall coverings with golden laurel wreaths.

A German newspaper report can be found here: GNZ 20.08.2022

You can find the catalogue of the Biennale here: Catalogue Lucca Biennale 2022
Publisher: Lucca Biennale Cartasia – 9 Muse srl Impresa Sociale

And here are a few photographic impressions:

Duration of the exhibition: until September 25, 2022.

Indoor opening hours:
daily 10:30 – 19:00

Indoor venues:
Villa Bottini
Via Elisa, 9
I – 55100 Lucca LU
Palazzo Ducale – Location of my works
Cortile Carrara, 1
I – 55100 Lucca LU

The outdoor exhibition can be found in the historical town center.

An entrance fee is charged.
Guided tours and audio guides are available.

For more information on all points, click here: Lucca Biennale 2022