In the sky all are equal

Do you remember my colored drawings against racism Am Himmel sind alle gleich? Most of the feathers that served as my model came from the Vogelpark Schotten, an institution of the Schottener Soziale Dienste gGmbH. It is not only an animal park, a petting zoo, a playground and a place to relax, but also a wonderful workplace for many people with disabilities.

As a small thank you for the feather models and as a tribute to this practiced inclusion, I have, in addition to an animal sponsorship, produced 3000 high-quality art postcards from the six drawings so far. The sales proceeds completely support the work on site. Ask Günther, the go-to-guy in the bird park, about it at his small sales booth.

More information about the bird park can be found here: Vogelpark Schotten
You can find the drawings here: In the sky all are equal