Update 2021

Art Collections, Jury Chair, Finissage

Art Collections

I am honored that the work OUT! – RAUS! has been allowed to conquer another art collection. My large-format drawing with a second picture plane, awarded with an international art prize, now joins works from Ai Weiwei to Markus Lüpertz.

Also Adam – Jesus Christ Superstar, also awarded with an art prize, moves to a collection in the district of the Rubens city Siegen. Both works have found a wonderful home.

Culture Award Jury Chair

Another honor was bestowed upon me with the unanimous election as Cultural Prize Jury Chair of the Main-Kinzig district in October 2021.


The exhibition “Artistic Gaiety – the Frankfurter Künstlergesellschaft in the Wetzlarer Stadtgalerie” will end with a finissage on Sunday, November 21, 2021, starting at 11 am. I will be present. 3G Corona rules for admission apply. Details about the exhibition can be found here: Artistic Gaiety – the Frankfurter Künstlergesellschaft in the Wetzlarer Stadtgalerie