© Dechant Markus C. Günther

Bishop Dr Michael Gerber comes to visit.

INK was greatly honoured by the visit of Dr Michael Gerber, Bishop of Fulda and Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference. As patron of the art project in image, word and sound “Entombment of Christ” in 2022, he gladly accepted the quite unusual invitation from parish priest Daniel Göller, Catholic parish of St Martin Jossgrund – Oberndorf, to visit the artist’s studio after the confirmation.

There was a very lively discussion about the works currently on display in the studio, including the series “Another day in paradise” and “Entombment of Christ”. Bishop Dr. Gerber was also captivated by the work “EntARTet” with its statement that art of any form and expression should never be banned or destroyed. – After a four-hour visit, he left very impressed.

The photograph shows Dean Markus C. Günther, Bishop Dr Michael Gerber, Priest Daniel Göller and INK.