Art for women

The artist INK regularly campaigns for children’s and women’s rights, and not just through her artwork. Hence it was only natural for her to ask people to refrain from giving gifts on the occasion of the inauguration of her studio extension and to fill the donation box instead. As the women’s shelter in Wächtersbach unfortunately has an extremely high occupancy rate, INK handed over a donation to its director Brigitte Machnitzke.

According to the director, domestic violence is still the main reason why women’s shelters are sought out. That is why their main task is to stabilise women and develop prospects for the future. The current housing market makes this even more difficult, as affordable housing is hard to find.

However, the women’s shelter is not just a place of shelter. It also runs a counselling and intervention centre in Wächtersbach. Here, too, Mrs Machnitzke and her team experience a high level of demand – from all levels of society.

Would you also like to actively support these important tasks? You can find donation accounts here: LINK