Gleich zwei rauschende Feste

…caused by a hole in the wall

I had the pleasure of welcoming around 130 collectors of my art over the course of two days to celebrate the opening of my studio extension. Thanks to the special guests, these were two wonderful celebrations, both of which lasted late into the night.

I would like to thank my collectors for their trust in my work and their passion for my sharpened pencils and fine brushes. Many of them had travelled a long way.

I would especially like to mention Arnold Aschbauer, who explained to the guests in a humorous way why an artist can also have a studio in a “factory”. Michael Hauptmann was a subtle support for Pastor Göller, who was in his element – my fire alarms were successfully tested. In addition to the unveiling of a new picture, there was jazz played on guitar and Spanish finger food from Jossgrund. In addition to engaging conversations, many works of art were closely examined. Guests from Munich surprised me with a mouth-watering dessert. My pencil and eraser collection also developed into a real feast for the eyes.